Air Scense orange air freshner

My 3rd review will be of Air Scense Orange air freshner. Air scense is an odor neutralizer and room spray.

This is a great Lysol alternative if you are trying to keep an area odor free and naturally smelling fresh. It especially works great after bathroom usage!!

Pros:  Neutralizes odors and naturally refreshes the air (as it claims to do). There are only 2 ingredients Limonene (the clear liquid from the peel of an orange) and concentrated orange oil blend (plant derived). It is also non-aerosol. Lastly, the orange scent smells very natural, clean, and invigorating.

Cons:  In store it is hard to find a variety of scents; stores typically carry 2 of the 4 scents available (orange, lavender, vanilla, and lime). It doesn’t dis-infect. And you can typically only find them at whole foods, co-ops, or other similar organic markets.

Worth Purcha$e: Yes 

Dope rating:  4.7/5

Air Scense Orange Air freshner


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