My 8th review will be of Avalon Organics Intense Defense Lip Balm

Claim:   Moisturizing lip balm smoothes over lips to soothe, smooth and soften even the driest skin, locking in moisture and locking out the elements.

Pros: Last long, wont leave residue on lips after pro-longed usage. Keeps lips soft and moisturized better than the competitors. No need to keep re-applying.  Non-gmo, NO: parabens, harsh preservatives, synthetic colors or fragrance, phthalates or harmful sulfates.  Lip-balm comes in large size (.25 oz).  No bees-wax in the product.

Cons: Not sold everywhere, assortment of flavors not easily found in stores, orange is the most wide-spread flavor.

Worth the Purcha$e: Absolutely worth the purchase

Dope Rating:   5/5

Avalon Intense Defense Lip Balm


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