My 9th Review will be of Bull Dog’s Facial Wash for Men.

Claim: Bulldog cares about doing things properly, so all our products contain brilliant natural ingredients. Our Original Face Scrub contains aloe vera, camelina oil and green tea. We combine these with carefully selected man-made ingredients to offer exceptional performance at a affordable price.

Pros: Smells good, won’t dry skin out, apparent that quality ingredients are used, gentle on skin, cleans skin (85/100 B+).

Cons: Not sold everywhere (mostly organic store such as whole foods), Have to use a silver dollar size amount.

Worth Purcha$e: Yes.

Dope rating:  4/5 

Bull Dog Facial Wash








My 8th review will be of Avalon Organics Intense Defense Lip Balm

Claim:   Moisturizing lip balm smoothes over lips to soothe, smooth and soften even the driest skin, locking in moisture and locking out the elements.

Pros: Last long, wont leave residue on lips after pro-longed usage. Keeps lips soft and moisturized better than the competitors. No need to keep re-applying.  Non-gmo, NO: parabens, harsh preservatives, synthetic colors or fragrance, phthalates or harmful sulfates.  Lip-balm comes in large size (.25 oz).  No bees-wax in the product.

Cons: Not sold everywhere, assortment of flavors not easily found in stores, orange is the most wide-spread flavor.

Worth the Purcha$e: Absolutely worth the purchase

Dope Rating:   5/5

Avalon Intense Defense Lip Balm


1 Million dollars of Lettuce Cannabis

During a car inspection on I-70, the Indiana State Police found $1 million worth of marijuana concealed in fresh lettuce.

It was in Putnam County, near the 41-mile state marker, at approximately 7:30am when a tractor- trailer headed eastbound was stopped for a routine inspection. During the inspection of the trailer, 260 pounds of cannabis was found hidden in lettuce. According to State Police, the marijuana was being transported from Colorado to Florida.

Both of the men caught in the truck were from Florida. They were both arrested and hit with the felonious charge of dealing marijuana. Indiana State Police remarked, that the two suspects were taken to Putnam County Jail.

Aug 8, 2018


My 7th review will be of Uncle Matt’s Organic Orange Juice.

Claim:  As the nation’s oldest organic orange juice company, we’re committed to growing and producing tasty, good for you organic juices and fruit. Our products are free of synthetic pesticides and GMOs. This product is freshly squeezed and minimally processed.

 Pros:  Certified organic, no artificial ingredients, and No added sugar. Best tasting orange juice on the market by far!!!  Taste Fresh, Crisp, and Clean.

 Cons: Expensive, not available in every grocery store (mostly found in organic markets).  59oz bottle can range from $5-7 dollars.

Worth Purcha$e:  If you want organic natural orange juice; that taste like it was freshly squeezed.

Dope rating:  5/5 

Uncle Matt’s Organic Orange Juice




My 6th review will be of Bee and Flower’s jasmine soap.

Bee & Flower Soaps are famous traditional products with Orient themed packaging, fragrance, and colors. Imported from China, these soaps are enjoyed among people all over the world.  All the soaps have natural scents,  contain no animal by-products, use a vegetable oil soap base, and are great for sensitive skin

Pros:  Smells great, leaves skin feeling clean, packaging is nice, won’t dry skin.

Cons:  Will sting in eyes, bar of soap is small (75grams), can be expensive depending where you buy from.

Worth Purcha$e: Yes

Dope rating:  4/5 

Bee and Flower Jasmin soap


8 Involved in Poconos Million Dollar Drug Bust


STROUDSBURG, PA—Eight people will stand trial for running a million dollar drug operation in the Poconos.

An announcement was made by the Attorney General’s office, that charges would be brought up for those eight people from Monroe and Carbon Counties.

Police claim that the group sold 1.3 million in crystal meth, heroin, and other drugs.

Investigators also believe that this drug ring had been in operation for the last two years through-out Monroe and Carbon counties.

Joseph St. Clair, 58, of East Stroudsburg, is also charged but not pictured.

Eight People Charged in Million Dollar Drug Ring Bust



My 5th review will be of Alaffia’s Everyday Hair & Body Lotion (Coconut Chamomile).


This product is a hair and body lotion for babies and up.

Pros:  Moisturizes hair very well, without leaving it oily or too dry. Light on the body and the fragrance smells gently smooth and calming. For $9 you get 16oz of product.

Cons:  Easily washes off with any water contact. Wont leave skin moisturized for 24 hours. Only good as a light hand moisturizer if you have dry skin.

Worth Purcha$e: As a hair moisturizer yes; as a body lotion, no.

Dope rating:  3/5 

Everyday Coconut Chamomile Hair & Body Lotion


$7.5 Million Dollar Drug Bust in the Bronx

Agents made a massive drug bust in the Bronx- and seized approximately $7.5 million dollars in heroin and fentanyl.

Based on a statement given by the city’s Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor, authorities located the drugs after responding to a court-authorized search of a packaging plant located in the Soundview section of the Bronx.

It was reported by officials that 11 kilos were discovered in a duffle bag and another 10 kilos were carefully hidden behind the wall of the medicine cabinet. All this took place inside a two bedroom apartment located at 1240 Morrison ave.

Apparatus associated with Narcotic packaging was discovered in the second bedroom. Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget Brennan claimed that this included 300 rolls of tape, 3 scales, 16 tape dispensers, 12 electric coffee grinders, and 4 strainers.

Over 100 ink stamps and three cases of glassine envelopes were also noted to be found, according to officials. The ink stamps were used to brand the glassine envelopes.

“100%”, “UPS”, and “Super High” were some of the names used on the stamps.

Authorities grabbed five men in the raid—46 year old Luis Guzman-Rojas , 29 year old Anthony Polanco, 28 year old Willy De La Cruz , 26 year old Pedro Sandoval, and 37 year old Matias Rosario-Ramon. All five men are facing charges of criminal possession of a controlled substance.

Authorities have stated that an estimated 55 kilos were recovered; as it stands officials are engaging in ongoing investigations into narcotic trafficking operations throughout the city.





FBI: Former sheriff extorts $100K from Drug Dealers

In Toledo, Ohio a former sheriff is accused of shaking-down an estimated 100k in bribes from local drug dealers while he was office; and since has been indicted on federal charges according to the FBI.

Officials reported that Samuel Crish, age 54, of Delphos, was charged on 06/16/18 in U.S District Court in Toledo with extortion, making false statements, and bribery.

Agents claim that 5 people were extorted by Crish for close to 100k during the four year spread between 2012-2016; all while he was a Sheriff in Allen County.

In 2017 Crish resigned as sheriff after an FBI raid of his office in Lima the year before.

Stephen Anthony who is a FBI Special Agent claims that Crish made his situation a lot worse by lying to investigators.

Claiming to not have seen the indictment, Crish’s lawyer declined to comment.

Medical Doctors Deal Drugs Too!


Doctors with the wrong intentions can be no better than typical drug peddlers. Barry Sloan, a New York doctor, was indicted for supplying opioids which resulted in the death of his 36 year-old patient. Court documents describe how Sloan would charge patients upwards of $200 per visit for fentanyl prescriptions. He also failed to limit prescriptions for oxycodone, often prescribing the highly addictive narcotic several times a month. According to the Attorney General, between 2011 and 2016, Sloan prescribed powerful narcotics 70,000 times. Sloan now faces second degree manslaughter charges which carries a minimum sentence of 1 to 3 years. PureDopeReviews will be following this case closely.