My 4th review will be of Morning Star Musk incense.

This is a traditional Japanese style incense that has been around since the 1960s.

Pros:  It has rich pleasant aroma. Comes with incense holder included. Sticks burn time is approximately 25 minutes. High quality ingredients are used. Ashes don’t scatter b/c of the incense holder provided. Many different scents (sandalwood, pine, patchouli, jasmine, rose, cedarwood, amber, vanilla, green tea, lavender, cinnamon, lotus, mimosa, yuzu, gardenia, iris, fig).  50 sticks included.

Cons: Sticks don’t have any wood in them, so when they are finished burning, there is a little kernel size piece of incense left. Prices vary in store and can be as high as $9.

Worth Purcha$e: Yes

Dope rating:  5/5 

Morning Star Musk


Air Scense orange air freshner

My 3rd review will be of Air Scense Orange air freshner. Air scense is an odor neutralizer and room spray.

This is a great Lysol alternative if you are trying to keep an area odor free and naturally smelling fresh. It especially works great after bathroom usage!!

Pros:  Neutralizes odors and naturally refreshes the air (as it claims to do). There are only 2 ingredients Limonene (the clear liquid from the peel of an orange) and concentrated orange oil blend (plant derived). It is also non-aerosol. Lastly, the orange scent smells very natural, clean, and invigorating.

Cons:  In store it is hard to find a variety of scents; stores typically carry 2 of the 4 scents available (orange, lavender, vanilla, and lime). It doesn’t dis-infect. And you can typically only find them at whole foods, co-ops, or other similar organic markets.

Worth Purcha$e: Yes 

Dope rating:  4.7/5

Air Scense Orange Air freshner


Jason’s Simply Coconut Soothing Toothpaste with Coconut Chamomile


My 2nd review will be of Jasons coconut soothing toothpaste with coconut chamomile.

 Pros:  It taste great and its aroma encourages use.  The combination of the coconut oil, aloe vera juice, witch hazel, and chamomile extract freshen breath exceptionally well.  It’s Affordable, fluoride-free, and the price range is from $5-8 for 4.2oz bottle.

 Cons:  There isn’t a travel size available. And the consistency of the product is less like a traditional paste since it has a little more viscosity.

 Worth Purcha$e: Yes

 Dope rating:  5/5 

Jasons Simply Coconut Soothing Toothpaste with Coconut Chamomile

The first sample is free!

My first review will be of Thai Chrystal Deodorant Mist.

Pros:  It works for 24 hours.  Only 2 ingredients (mineral salts and filtered water).  It wont stain your clothes.  No white deodorant marks.  Affordable.

Cons:  It’s like spraying water under your arms, so it drips; for that reason it is best used right out of the shower.  Also the spray bottle tends to clog because of the mineral salts used, so you have to run the nozzle under water and unclog it every so often.  You also have to spray about 4 squirts under each arm.

Worth Purcha$e: Yes

Dope rating:  4/5 

Thai Crystal Mist Spray